Monday, 29 January 2018

REDHILL AERODROME land 'safeguarded' by Reigate&Banstead Council

Running alongside the Tandridge Local Plan negotiations – is the consultation
(Regulation 19 Development Management Plan) from Reigate & Banstead Council
Refer to pages 158/159

Vast amounts of greenbelt are proposed to be 'safeguarded' (including part of Redhill Aerodrome) for possible housing development post 2027.  Less than 40% of the aerodrome land is within the Reigate & Banstead Authority boundary and the larger balance is controlled by Tandridge District Council.
DMP Sustainability Appraisal Oct 2017:  "The development is likely to have a significant negative impact on landscape character due to the size of the site in a currently undeveloped area in the countryside"
It is good that MP Crispin Blunt is opposed to any housing development on the aerodrome site - see his quote: “I will, therefore, be enlisting support for my opposition to the Redhill Aerodrome Development proposal in the coming months and believe that there is a groundswell of local like-minded opinion to support such a campaign”.
Any proposed housing development on green belt land on or adjacent to the aerodrome site will have a huge negative effect upon the local community with a large increase in traffic using local lanes which are already overloaded by vehicles using these as short-cuts.
THE CONSULTATION CLOSES at 5pm on Friday 23 February 2018 
Refer to the SUMMARY LIST OF OBJECTIONS  your own responses



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